Ummara Siddique, Sadia Gul, Shahjehan Alam, Seema Gul, Syed Ghulam Ghaus, Aman Nawaz Khan, Shafqa Fayyaz, Shazia Naweed


The purpose of this report is to review the CT findings of cardiac hydatid disease and to emphasize the role of multidetector CT scan in diagnosing cardiac hydatidosis. The most common locations of cardiac hydatid cysts are left ventricle (LV), interventricular septum and right ventricle respectively. We reported three cases of cardiac hydatid disease, in which one patient had extensive lesions in pericardium and cardiac walls. Second patient had single lesion in the interventricular septum while third patient had lesion in wall of LV.  The diagnosis was not definite on echocardiography, but MDCT was utilized to assess cysts and extent of disease. We present the CT imaging details and review of literature in cardiac hydatidosis.
Keywords: Hydatid cyst, cardiac hydatid, hydatidosis, MDCT.

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