Zeshan Khan, Ummara Siddique Umer, Shahjehan Alam, Syed Ghulam Ghaus


We report a case of 17 years old male who presented with a sternoclavicular swelling. X ray revealed large lytic lesions in bilateral medial clavicle ends. MRI showed heterogeneous large exophytic mass in left clavicle and a smaller lesion in right clavicle. Perioperative and histopathological findings were consistent with enchondroma. Clinical, radiographic and pathological investigations were necessary to establish the diagnosis. Main stay of surgical treatment for symptomatic lesions is detailed intralesional curettage with or without bone grafting. To our knowledge, this cartilaginous tumor isolated in clavicle has never been previously reported in this location and with bilateral presentation.Keywords: Encondroma, Clavicle, Cartilagenous tumours.

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