Talhya Yaseen, Ameet Kumar Jesrani, Sehrish Mahreen, Rizwan Ajmal


Objective:   To determine the diagnostic accuracy of tissue harmonic imaging in detection of appendicitis by taking histopathology as gold standard.


Design: Cross sectional study


Patients and Methods: There were 378 patients with sign and symptoms of appendicitis patients were included in this study. Ultrasonography was performed, using linear and curved transducers with ultrasound frequencies ranged between 2.5 and 7.5 MHz, commercially available ultrasound systems. The examination was performed with both Conventional and Tissue Harmonic Image. Specimen for the confirmation of appendicitis was taken during surgery and sent to Histopathology Lab. All the information was recorded into predesigned proforma.


Results: Sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV and accuracy of tissue harmonic imaging in detection of appendicitis was 81.18%, 86.88%, 42.86%, 97.44% and 86.26% respectively.


Conclusion: We conclude that tissue harmonic imaging better visualizes the appendix and should be the preferred modality for scanning the right lower abdomen in cases of suspected acute appendicitis.


Keywords: Acute appendicitis, Harmonic imaging, Ultrasound modality

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