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INTRODUCTION: Intestinal obstruction is the cause for 20% of all surgical emergencies. Plain radiograph is the first radiological investigation which is done after clinical examination however it doesn’t offer diagnosis in difficult scenarios. In such cases, MDCT scan can offer diagnosis along with the cause and associated complications if any are present.

METHOD: The objective of the study is to determine the diagnostic accuracy of multi-detector CT scan in detection of point of transition of small bowel obstruction by taking surgical findings as gold standard.

RESULTS: MDCT findings showed 93 (66%) patients with point of transition. Diagnostic Accuracy of MDCT findings taking surgical findings as a gold standard shows sensitivity as 89%, specificity 90.2%, positive predictive value 95% and negative predictive value 77%. Overall diagnostic accuracy was found to be 89% (p-value<0.005).

Stratification was done to see the effect of age and gender on the outcome. Chi-square test was applied.


CONCLUSION: MDCT offers diagnosis in cases where small bowel obstruction is uncertain. It has good sensitivity as well as specificity.

KEYWORDS: Point of transition, Multi-detector CT scan, small bowel obstruction

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