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Ameenah khan, Imran Masoud Qasmi ,Tariq mehmood mirza, Khadija tul Kubra

Department of Radiology, CMH,Lahore





BACKGROUND:  Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common endocrine disorder of females of reproductive age group. Recent studies have shown that changes in Doppler indices of ovarian arteries  in patients of PCOS are much more marked than changes in morphology of ovary and uterus.

OBJECTIVE : To determine frequency  of  deranged ovarian artery Doppler indices in patients of PCOS  in the form of percentage


STUDY DESIGN: Descriptive cross sectional study.




DURATION OF STUDY : Nov 2018 to April 2019



 Total 205 women aged between 18-40 years presenting with PCOS were included. Transvaginal  Doppler ultrasound was performed to determine Pulsatility and Resistive indices of ovarian artery which were labelled deranged if above or below the normal range. PI ( range: 2.01to 4.30 ) and  RI (range: 0.80 to 0.95 ). Data was stratified for age, BMI and duration of PCOS.





The Pulsatility index ranged from 2.01 to 4.27. Resistive index ranged from 0.80 to 0.94. Ovarian artery Doppler indices were deranged in 175 (85.4%) women with PCOS. The mean age of the patients was 27.2±5.9 years while the mean duration of PCOS was 18.4±7.1 months. The BMI of patients ranged from 20.8 Kg/m2 to 34.0 Kg/m2 with a mean of 26.9±3.9 Kg/m2. 33.6% of obese women had deranged ovarian artery Doppler indices.



In this study, we observed that ovarian artery Doppler indices were deranged in a significant proportion of women with PCOS which suggests potential role of Doppler indices in the diagnostic workup of women with suspicion of PCOS.


KEY WORDS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Ultrasound Doppler, Pulsatility Index, Resistive Index   

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