Asma Javed, Sheeraz Ahmed Sheikh, Shahla Zamir



Introduction: Klippel Feil syndrome is rare congenital, musculoskeletal condition that is characterized by the fusion of at least two vertebrae of the neck. In fewer than 50% of cases, the three classical diagnostic findings of Klippel Feil syndrome includes a low posterior hairline, a triad of short neck and a limited range of neck movements especially of lateral bending are 0present.

Case Report:  In this particular care, we found congenital fusion of C6 and C7 vertebrate, levoscoliosis, basilar invagination and fusion of atlantooccipital joint on right side with no evidence of renal disease, congenital heart disease and neurological impairment except low IQ. This case has classical triad short neck, low posterior hairline and limited cervical range of motion.

Conclusion: A rare and typical case of Klippel Feil Syndrome is very important to present for better identification and prompt treatment.

Keywords: fusion, congenital Klippel-Feil syndrome, cervical, vertebrae.

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