Muhammad Omer Altaf, Mehreen Shafqat, Palwasha Gul, Hira Farooq, Kashif Siddique, Muhammad Atif Naveed



Cystic intracranial masses are one of the most common findings reported on routine imaging examination. These lesions can be neoplastic, non-neoplastic, infectious and related to congenital malformations in brain development. Most of these are benign and symptomless with no clinical outcomes but some can pose life threating risks to the patient and severe neurological symptoms needing an aggressive treatment approach. Hence the accurate diagnosis of such lesions is mandatory to predict the treatment approach and prognosis.

Besides variable history and clinical presentation, intracranial cystic masses show discrete features on radiological imaging. This wide imaging spectrum of such lesions produces a challenging situation for a radiologist to make the accurate diagnosis. It is important to pay attention to characteristic findings of each lesion along with relation with age, gender and anatomic site thus helping to narrow down the differential diagnosis.

We aim to discuss characteristic radiological features of some of the frequently occurring intracranial cystic lesions in order to improve the diagnostic approach encountered in medical practice.

Key words: Cystic lesions. Intracranial. Brain.

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