Muhammad Omer Altaf, Hamd Zahra, Palwasha Gul, Muhammad Atif Naveed


Pulmonary embolism causes thousands of deaths per year as it often gets undetected.Suboptimal enhancement of CT pulmonary angiograms leads to non-diagnostic studies. It is crucial to get appropriate imaging to for adequate diagnosis of embolism especially in cancer patients, in whom the other biological markers like D-dimers remain non-specific. Institutional guidelines are prepared based on various research performed internationally. All the CT pulmonary angiograms were assessed; mean CT density was evaluated via placing the region of interest (ROI) on pulmonary arterial tree at various levels. Audit results with the total adequate CTPA are calculated to be 89 with 11 inadequate scans. Our audit results we meet our target goal yet it can be further improved or at least maintained.

Key words: Audit. Computed tomography. CT pulmonary angiogram.

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