Ashok Kumar


Intracranial chondrosarcoma is a rare malignant cartilage-forming tumor. Small number of cases in the posterior cranial fossa has been reported previously. We describe a case of 17 year old male patient who presented with history of seizures from 2 years. The preoperative diagnosis was cystic meningioma as MRI of the patient revealed large multilobulated extra axial solid cum cystic mass in right frontal region with mild punctuate enhancement of solid component with enhancement of walls and septae. This was associated with widening of diploic space of frontal bone with inhomogeneous signal and mild post contrast enhancement. There was mild Dural thickening in this region with indistinct inner table. However, the tumor was histologically composed of cartilaginous tissue without meningiomatous differentiation and the final diagnosis was a well differentiated chondrosarcoma based on its histological appearance.

Keywords: intracranial tumor, chondrosarcoma, classical chondrosarcoma

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