Ameet Jesrani, Syed Muhammad Faiq, Manzoor Hussain, Ameet Lalwani, Muhammad Farid, Muhammad Saad


Background: Previously retrograde uretherography and micturating cystouretherography were used for the evaluation of uretheral strictures. Lack of radiation, ability to assess mucosal and periuretheral abnormality and more precise measurement of stricture length makes the sonouretherography an alternative to conventional uretherography in evaluation of anterior urethral strictures

Objective: To compare the difference between sonouretherography and fluoroscopic guided uretherography in characterization of anterior urethral strictures taking surgical findings as gold standard

Methods: Total 50 male patients having lower urinary tract symptoms (thin streak of micturation or interrupted micturation) for 1 week or longer were included in this cross sectional study from September 2019 to February 2020. Patient’s history and demographic details like patient’s age was noted. Sonouretherographic studies were performed using high frequency probe while injecting saline solution through 10 F Foley’s catheter with bulb inflated in fossa navicularis. Anterior urethra was visualized up to the penoscrotal junction with multiple longitudinal and transverse scans by placing the transducer on the ventral surface of penis. The findings of sonouretherography were compared with retrograde uretherogram and surgical findings and recorded on proforma.

Results: The average age of the patients was 37.22±11.09 years. The sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV and accuracy of sonouretherography for detection of anterior urethral stricture was 77.7%, 96.8%%, 93.3% and 88.57% respectively.

Conclusion: Sonouretherography can be used as an alternative to retrograde uretherography in the diagnosis and characterization of anterior uretheral strictures without hazards of ionization radiation.

Key words: Sonouretherography, Retrograde Uretherography, 

Surgical findings, Urethral strictures

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