Waqas Ahmad, Palwasha Gul, Uneza Masood, Amun Iqbal, Usman Ahmad, Muhammad Omer Altaf


Radiology was once considered a comparatively relaxed field of medicine with better working hours and reduced workload. In the last few decades, with the integration of therapeutic radiology and recent advancements in digital imaging, radiology workload has increased multifold. Now radiology burnout is among the top specialities in medicine. Although burnout is more among interventional radiologists than diagnostic radiologists because of the former involving high-risk invasive procedures, procedural emergencies and complications. Many common factors are contributing towards burnout between diagnostic and interventional radiologists such as excessive work hours, lack of respect and autonomy at the workplace, feeling like a cog in a wheel, and excessive administrative work. When compared with the international data for physician burnout, Pakistani radiologists suffer from burnout in a similar way to global trends.

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