Asma Javed Qureshi, Dr. Bqluees Yawar Faiz



Fungal infections are commonly found in immunocompromised individuals and rarely affect healthy beings. These in CNS are mostly imaged as ring enhancing lesions in brain, with differentials being tuberculomas, abscesses, meningitis and SOL. Aspergillomas in extra-axial location are quite rare, however if found may lead to grave prognosis. This 40 years old lady presented with headache and vertigo without any underlying co-morbids. On MRI, there appeared to be an extra-axial mass lesion having dural tail sign. Post-operatively, it proved to be aspergilloma on histopathology and culture. Even after surgical intervention, patient again had an episode of fits and vertigo. Our purpose of this case report is to highlight towards imaging features of SOL mimicking as meningioma which on biopsy turned out to be aspergilloma. Clinical and imaging features are discussed in this case, to help patients in future for early diagnosis of fungal etiology.

Keywords: Aspergilloma, MRI, meningioma, extra-axial, central nervous system (CNS)

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