Najam Ud Din, Ummara Siddique Umer, Muhammad Amin, Wajid Ali, Belqees Yawar Fiaz, Muhammad Kashif Shazlee, Kiran Hilal, Khawaja Khurshid, Tahir Qadeer Khan, Mukhtiar A Memon, RehmatUllah Janan, Muhammad Nafees Qureshi, Aman Nawaz Khan, Syed Ghulam Ghaus, Hamid Akram, Ayesha Isani Majeed


Objective:  Audit to assess Radiology Department Preparedness for COVID-19 in Hospitals of Pakistan by Radiological Society of Pakistan.
This is a prospective cross sectional observational study. A questionnaire was devised that measured the knowledge and preparedness of contacted 154 radiologists and a total of 131 departments from different regions of Pakistan regarding infection control as well as staff protection from 19th May 2020 to 20th June 2020. The recommendations for radiology preparedness for COVID-19 were developed based on data from recently published material from China, USA and NHS. The major components of questionnaire included queries on imaging during COVID-19 pandemic, workforce preservation, personal protective equipment, disinfection guidelines and role of RSP in providing PPE and guidelines to radiology departments all over Pakistan. The department was considered prepared if it had, 1. Designated imaging equipment for COVID-19.2 Disinfection and transfer route planning. 3. Workforce preservation 4. Adequate PPE for staff.  Data was entered in Microsoft Xcel worksheet and analyzed for adherence with standard infection control CDC measures.
Results:  Out of the 131 radiology departments contacted, 41% were designated COVID-19 centers, 65% were Tertiary care hospitals, 26.7% DHQ hospitals and 26% were smaller Tehsil level THQs. 69% centers were Government hospitals and rest were private setups. Most of the responders were from Punjab followed by KPK and least by Balochistan. 28% of the contacted departments had designated separate imaging equipment for COVID-19 and suspected cases, 72% had implemented workforce preservation measures, like alternate duty shifts, teleradiology and sending on leave high risk and >50 years old staff, 88.5% had implemented disinfection measures with help from guidelines provided from RSP and almost 60% had adequate PPE for staff with help from RSP, self efforts and hospital administration. 42% of the centers had arranged a formal training for handling of COVID-19 patients and self protection measures. 94.6% of the radiologists responded that current efforts of RSP had significantly impacted on their practice during COVID-19 impacted. Conclusion: Our audit results conclude that RSP had a significant impact on 94.6% of the radiology departments in implementing preparedness during COVID-19 pandemic by providing guidelines on disinfection, staff protection and PPE. 88.5% centers had implemented disinfection guidelines, 72% made sure to preserve workforce and 60% had adequate PPE for staff. Keywords: Corona Virus(COVID-19), Radiology, Preparedness, Disinfection, Personal protective Equipment (PPE)

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