Asma Javed, Hira Rana, Belquees Yawar Faiz, Kiran Ali Mian


Tuberculosis is still prevailing in South Asian countries. Individuals affected by Mycobactrium Tuberculosis will have varied symptoms with the bacteria affecting lungs, GIT, CNS etc. Musculoskeletal system is also frequently involved by tuberculosis with most common site being lower dorsolumbar spine. The salient features of musculoskeletal system involvement being Pott’s disease, compression collapse fractures resulting in kyphotic and gibbus formation. Formation of single or multiple cold abscesses is also not uncommon. Hazardous complication like compression upon spinal cord is also noted due to the abscesses. A 16-year-old female, referred to Radiology Department in our setup, with known history of pulmonary tuberculosis. The patient had been on anti-tuberculous drugs for the past 1 year. She underwent a series of imaging for treatment and follow-up. Our purpose is to highlight the muculoskeletal manifestation of Tuberculosis on chest Xray, CT and MRI.

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