HRCT Spectrum in Post Vaccination COVID Positive Patients.

SUSHIL KACHEWAR, Dr Smita Kachewar



To analyse the spectrum of findings as seen on HRCT in COVID Positive Patients who have turned positive inspite of Vaccination.


Materials and methods:

The different patterns of findings seen on HRCT in 100 patients who had been vaccinated with recent COVID vaccines but still got infected with SARS-CoV-2 as detected by RT PCR / RAPID antigen test were analysed retrospectively. Scoring of the findings was also done.



No positive findings to suggest any Lung involvement were seen in 52 % of cases. Only ground-glass opacities (GGO) were seen in 18 % cases.

GGO and crazy-paving patterns were seen in 11 % cases.

GGO and reticulations were seen 09 % cases.

Only Consolidations were seen in 05 % cases.

Consolidations undergoing cavitation in 02 % cases.

GGO and Pneumomediastinum in 01 % cases.

GGO, Pneumothorax and Pneumomediastinum in 01 % cases.

GGO Reticulations and Pleural Effusion were seen in 01 %.

CT Severity score was 00/ 25 in 52 % cases, up to 05/25 in 35 %, 04-09/ 25 in 06 % and 10-15/25 in 05 % and 20/25 in 02%.


Post vaccination Covid positives were seen more in younger population. The elderly patients were found to be less infected in this scenario of COVID 2.0. Normal HRCT scans were more common in these cases. Amongst the positive HRCT scans of such cases, mild findings of ground glass opacifications were the most predominant.


Full Text:



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