Sohail Kamran, Sumera Mahar, Ameet Jesrani, Ayesha Haider, Sehrish Rind, Marya Hameed


ABSTRACT Background: Osteoarthritis has been known since long as the degenerative disease of elderly and can lead to debilitation resulting in compromised life style and routines, so for effective management the new conservative and therapeutic measures are discovered and practically implemented in order to improve quality of life. 

Objective: To determine the therapeutic efficacy of intra articular Ozone gas injection in patients with knee joint osteoarthritis, based on the clinical and radiological assessment.


Design: Quasi Experimental Prospective study


Patients and Methods: Total 60 patients were included suffering from knee joint osteoarthritis, with Numeric pain rating scale (NPRS) of 2 or more. The procedure comprised of ultrasound guided intra-articular administration of a medical mixture of Oxygen-Ozone (95% - 5%) 20mL, with concentration 5 to 10ug / mL, given in 8 to 12 sessions (once in a week). The effect on clinical symptoms were assessed, intensity of pain was evaluated by NPRS while radiological assessment was acquired by X-ray knee joint,before and after the provided ozone treatment.


Results: The degree of OA recorded according to Numeric pain scale rating was 2 to 10. Pain intensity evaluated by NPRS significantly declined (P < 0.0001) from the score 10 to 2 and 2 to 0 with remarkableimprovement in knee joint space on follow up radiographs.


Conclusions: Oxygen-ozone therapy is a safe and effective medical procedure that can help patients with knee joint osteoarthritis in relieving pain, discomfort, and improve functions.


Keywords: Ultrasound, Intra Articular, Ozone Gas, Knee Osteoarthritis, Quality of Life, NPRS, ROM

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