Maseeh uz Zaman, Nosheen Fatima, Areeba Zaman


In current era, patient evaluation and management without medical imaging is out of question. Due to continuous and robust technological development, there has been a humongous improved quality of imaging albeit medical errors can still occur. Each year, tens of thousands of patients die due to medical mistakes primarily due to inadequate reporting of medical imagings. Second-opinion consultation for imaging studies is considered an effective method to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and patient care too.

Several studies have examined the value of a second opinion for radiology studies. Findings favor an increase in accurate diagnoses when the scans are reviewed by a second reader. It is found that second review helps to detect minor or major errors which were missed or over-reported during first review. Most radiologic errors occur due to under-reading of the radiology exam and inability or failure of reporting physicians to adequately examine the anatomy in field of view.

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