Saeed Shaista Afzal, SYEDA KAUSER ALI, Sadia Masood




Imaging plays a crucial role in the day-to-day clinical working of the emergency department. Currently, there is no dedicated emergency radiology rotation at our university to prepare the residents for independent call coverage.


To determine the effect of an emergency radiology core curriculum training module on the preparedness of residents for on-call coverage  


The study was conducted in the Department of Radiology, using a Quasi-experimental design comprising of one group pretest-posttest design. A dedicated course on emergency radiology was developed and delivered to radiology residents of year II and year III. A computer-based test was conducted. Paired t-test was applied to assess the difference between pre-and post-test scores.  A survey was also conducted to measure the perceived confidence gained by the residents.


A total of 10 residents comprised the final sample for the study; Overall the mean pretest total score was 93.60+15.06 and the mean post-test total score was 122.60+11.80 and a highly significant difference between the pre-and post-scores was observed (p-value=0.001). The results of the survey also showed an improvement in the perceived confidence of residents for on-call coverage with a significant p-value (<0.05).


The study reveals improvement in knowledge and overall perceived confidence of radiology residents after attending the course covering topics from whole body trauma.  The study also highlights the importance of implementing dedicated teaching and learning strategies that can lead to enhanced preparedness for on-call coverage.

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