Dr. Bushra Arshad, Dr. Mahjabeen Mahmood Kamal, Dr. Muhammad Wasim Awan, Dr. Shaghaf Iqbal, Dr. Syed Naveed Ali Shah, Dr. Wajiha Arshad, Dr. Nasreen Rehmatullah




To determine the diagnostic accuracy of spectral doppler ultrasound in predicting malignancy in evaluation of solid breast lesions taking histopathology as gold standard. Materials and methods: This cross Sectional Validation Study was conducted at Radiology Department, KRL Hospital, Islamabad for six months from1st August 2021 to 31st January 2022. A total of 145 women with solid breast lesions of BI-RADS category scale III-V were included in the study. All women underwent spectral doppler ultrasound of breast and malignancy was considered positive if spectral doppler US image shows resistive index (RI)= 0.68. These patients were then subjected to histopathology. The data was collected on a predesigned proforma and results were analyzed by using the SPSS software version 17.0 by descriptive and inferential statistics.



            In this study age range was 18 to 60 years with mean age of 42.965±7.66 years. Spectral doppler ultrasound has shown sensitivity of 84.8%, specificity 95% and diagnostic accuracy by 92%, PPV 88.6% and NPV 93% in diagnosis of malignant breast lesion.


In conclusion, Doppler examination has a significant role in the evaluation of solid breast lesions for distinguishing malignant tumors from benign lesions.


Solid breast lesions, Spectral doppler ultrasound, Histopathology, Diagnostic accuracy


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