Farooque Ahmed Haidari, Harris Saeed, Najam Uddin, Zia Salman Faruqui, Ahmad Murtaza, Hamid Shahbaz


Cutaneous metastasis is an uncommon presentation for internal malignancies. Overall incidence of documented skin metastasis ranges between 2-5% in all malignancies. Cutaneous metastasis from urological malignancies though not common for renal tumors but remains highly unusual for bladder cancers with a handful of cases mentioned in literature. We report a case of 70 years old male patient diagnosed with metastatic urinary bladder cancer. Incidentally, the patient had multiple cutaneous lesions which on clinical grounds had been assumed as multiple neurofibromas. The patient was percutaneously approached by ultrasound guided biopsy of a left hepatic lobe metastatic lesion. In addition, a subcutaneous nodule in the left lumber region was also approced via FNAC. The histopathology and cytological examinations confirmed not only the extensive metastatic disease from urinary bladder primary but also confirmed the malignant nature of the cutaneous lesions. Not only do these cutaneous lesions present with extreme variation in appearances, rather they are notorious for mimicking many sorts of dermatological disorders which can lead to an easy miss. Awareness of this rare clinical entity and high index of suspicion remains essential whilst dealing with cases in settings of known urinary bladder primary.

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