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Objective – The study aims to determine the parameters affecting Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values of extraocular muscles (EOM).

Methods – This retrospective descriptive study was conducted with clinically normal 300 patients [150 females, 150 males; mean age, 42,93 ± 19,19 - range 18-96 years-old]. MRI had performed by applying 0-1000 s/mm2 b value and EPI technique. ADC values were evaluated from medial and lateral rectus muscles and classified according to four main parameters [Age, side (right/Left), gender and muscle type].

Results –

Age: ADC values of EOM statistically increased with age (p:<0,05) at the rate of reaching a maximum of 0.413 10−3 mm2 / s. The difference in ADC values was approximately 40% from 18 years old to the maximum age.Side, gender, muscle type: Graphically and numerically, ADC values of males were higher than females in the right eye. This situation was statistically more significant in the 18-30 age group (p: 0,047 for right medial rectus, p: 0,01 for right lateral rectus). There was no significant difference between the right and left eyes in the total population. Although the presence a divergence in the ADC values between females and males in the right eye, the dominant and recessive eyes' values were similar (p> 0,05).Conclusion- It is not possible to make mention an absolute normal ADC value for EOM. The ADC values vary according to age and gender. Age is the main parameter which affects ADC values. Gender is effective on values in the early age group and right eye [mainly dominant eye in the total population]. The side of EOM and muscle type are not parameters that significantly affect the ADC values.

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