Muhammad Sami Alam, Waseem Akhtar Mirza, Muhammad Salman Khan, Abdus Salam, Sameeha Ismail, Muhammad Imran Khan, Nida Sajjad



Intussusception is a common cause of acute abdomen in children, and timely diagnosis and management can significantly reduce morbidity and mortality.


The purpose was to identify the differences in radiological practices for pediatric intussusception reduction among radiologists in Pakistan and to establish trends by comparing the findings with reports of previous surveys.


A cross-sectional study was conducted using a validated survey assessing demographic information and techniques of intussusception reduction amongst attendees of the Radiological Society of Pakistan conference. Differences in radiological practices for pediatric intussusception reduction were identified.


Out of 142 respondents, 82.4% had formal training in pediatric radiology. Amongst 121 respondents who had performed reduction, 60.6% used fluoroscopy, 24.6% used ultrasound guidance, 28.2% used air, and 57% used liquid enema. 90% required intravenous access. Additionally, 55.4% respondents had successfully attempted reductions three times in a one-year period. In unsuccessful reductions, 31.7% of the respondents waited and reattempted later, using maneuvers like manual pressure and left decubitus position change.


The study highlights the wide variation in strategies for reducing intussusception in Pakistan, indicating the need for additional research to assess the efficacy of different methods and establish unified guidelines.

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