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ABSTRACT:Objective: To determine the correlation of contrast enhanced computed tomography in TNM staging system of colo-rectal carcinoma with histopathology in preoperative patients for establishing the treatment and predicting the prognosis.Introduction: Colorectal carcinoma most common malignancy of gastrointestinal tract. It is more common in male than female with mean age of 51.54 years incidence increased in aging population. Most common location of tumor is rectum, recto-sigmoid junction and sigmoid colon.Methods: Total 50 patients were included in our study. All patients were underwent the contrast enhanced multi-detector CT scan with rectal contrast, Colonoscopy, biopsy and histopathology. All patients were also underwent the CT chest and bone scan turn out to be negative for distant metastasis that is stage IV disease. Data was retrospectively reached through the electronical medical record. We have evaluate the accuracy of Multi-detector CT scan in comparison with histopathology. Results: Total number of 50 patients were included with age range from 01-85 years. Mean age of patient was 51.54 years. Majority of patients 18 (36%) were between 46-60 years of age. Out of these 50 patients, 32 (64%) were male and 18 (36%) were female. On conclusion 39 (78%) were diagnosed as same stage on multi-detector CT scan in association with histopathology and 11 (22%) were not corresponding to the stage of colorectal carcinoma on histopathology. Conclusion: Multi-detector CT scan with rectal oral and IV contrast has good accuracy in diagnosis of colorectal carcinoma beyond the bowel wall with loco-regional extension. It has good accuracy in diagnosis of T3 and T4 that is stage II and III, however low accuracy to evaluate the T1 and T2 that is Stage I. Key Words: Colorectal carcinoma, TNM staging, computed tomography, histopathology

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