Mamoona Firdous, Anashia Kayani, Raheel khan, Beenish Suhail, Azra Ehsan


Objectives: To determine diagnostic accuracy of resistive index measured through colour Doppler ultrasound of the breast lumps for diagnosing breast cancer keeping histopathology as a gold standard.

Study Design: Cross sectional validation study

Setting:       Department of radiology Quaid-e-Azam international hospital islamabad from 11-02-2021 to 10-08-2021.

Methodology: A total of 215 patients were included in this study. In all the patients breast lumps were examined by ultrasonography on Grey scale using Xario 200 Toshiba ultrasound machine with high linear probe frequency probe of 11 MHz. Then with the same probe Doppler ultrasound of the lesion was performed using either colour or power Doppler.

Results: Overall sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic accuracy of Resistive Index was 86.7%, 78.9% and 86.0%, respectively. Positive predictive value and negative predictive value of Resistive Index was 97.7% and 36.6%, respectively.

Conclusion: this study proves diagnostic accuracy of resistance index measured through colour Doppler ultrasound of the breast lumps for diagnosing breast cancer in patients avoiding the need for biopsy.

Key words: Breast cancer, Breast lumps, Resistive index

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