Belqees Yawar Faiz, Atif Rana, Rashed Nazir, Khurram Khaliq Bhinder, Fazal Ullah, Amna Mehboob, Namrah Khalid





To assess the pattern of coronary artery disease in Pakistani population according to year, gender, artery and dominance.



Coronary artery calcium scoring is being used frequently nowadays as a reliable tool in categorisation and prognosis of cardiovascular risk. Calcium scoring is an authentic predictor for diagnosing coronary artery disease having 99% negative predictor value, 91% sensitive and 64% specific.


Materials and Methods:

Total of 3146 patients of last 6 years were selected from the radiology database retrospectively from 2017 to 2023. Coronary angiography vessel based were analysed on Vitrea by consultants, using Toshiba 640 and Siemens 128 slice. Agatston CAC scoring was used in calculating the calcium. Patient’s demographics and data were obtained from our hospital record system.



Out of 3146 patients, 828 females and 1927 males with most common age group from 40-60 years, 1494 were diseased and artery most commonly involved was found to be LAD in about 687 patients, 509 males and 178 females followed by RCA and then LCX. Most of the patients were right dominant (1622 males & 706 females) followed by left dominance (217 males & 86 females) and least were codominant (88 males & 36 females).



Calcium scoring should be assessed in all of the patients whether symptomatic or asymptomatic to evaluate cardiovascular risk irrespective of age, year and gender.


Key Words:

Coronary Artery Disease, CT Coronary Angiography, Coronary Calcium Scoring.


Full Text:



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