Ranam Akhtar, Laiba Masood, Madiha Saeed Wahla, Khurram Khaliq Bhinder


Spinal hemangiomas are frequent, asymptomatic vascular lesions that affect the bone component of the vertebral bodies [1]. Extradural hemangiomas are uncommon and only appear occasionally without osseous involvement [2,3,4]. A nerve sheath tumor is a noncancerous development among the myelin and connective tissue cells that wrap and insulate nerve fibers. Neurofibromatosis type 1 or 2 affects 35-45% of individuals with nerve sheath tumors [5]. The majority of nerve sheath cancers develop from the dorsal sensory roots. 70% of the lesions are intradural extramedullary, 15% are solely extradural, and 15% include both intradural and extradural components ("dumbbell" lesions). Only around 1% are intramedullary [5]. We discuss a case with imaging findings comparable to a nerve sheath tumor that was subsequently determined to be a

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