Khurram Khaliq Bhinder, Amna Mehboob, Madiha Saeed Wahla, Hajra Sajjad, Mariam Shah, Maira Aslam, Sabiyal Saghir



Aims/Objective: In this study we aimed to establish a relationship/association between types of renal stone (uric acid and non-uric acid) with hepatic status (fatty and non-fatty).

Materials and methods: 565 patients with renal stones on NCCT KUB between January 2021 to July 2023 were retrospectively identified. The attenuation ratio value and location on the graph plot of the biggest calculus per scan were utilized to distinguish between uric acid and non-uric acid calculi. Fatty liver status was seen by calculating the difference between spleen and hepatic parenchymal HU. Statistics analysis was done using Chi-square test in SPSS 26 version.

Results: Amongst total of 565 patients, males were 414 and females were 151. In males, 357(63.2%) had non uric stones and 57 (10.1&) had uric acid stones. In females, 129 (22.8%) had non uric stones and 22 (3.9%) had uric acid stones. In males, 361 (63.9%) had non fatty liver and 53 (9.4%) had fatty liver. In females, 119 (21.1%) had non fatty liver and 32 (5.7%) had fatty liver.

Pearsen chi-square came out to be 0.764 representing no association between types of renal stone (uric acid/non uric acid) with fatty infiltration (being less than 0.05 is significant).

Conclusions: A pilot study performed resulting in no significance in Pakistani population between fatty infiltration and type of renal stones.


KEYWORDS: Renal Stones, Uric acid stone, Non uric acid stone, Fatty Liver, CT, Radiology. 

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