Brain Drain: time to apply reverse gear

Maseeh uz Zaman, Nosheen Fatima, Zafar Sajjad, Unaiza Zaman, Rabia Tahseen, Areeba Zaman


The term brain drain is primarily used to indicate migration of skilled workers from one part to the other region of the world for various reasons. Historically, the phenomenon of brain drain is documented when Byzantine emigrants played an important part in renaissance of Europe in dark ages.  Brain drain in healthcare sector has been a problem for developing countries. This phenomenon has raised concern worldwide due to its negative impact on healthcare system of developing countries like Pakistan. The major concern related to international migration of healthcare workers was addressed in 1940s when there was a noticeable emigration from Europe to UK and USA. Since then this trend of emigration has become a reality with changing source countries over a period of time. Currently Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are the major “donor countries” for UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The primary reasons for this brain drain are good financial packages, chance to work in a good clinical set-up, better quality of life, stable political situation and religious and ethnic drives.

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