Accuracy and Constancy Tests of Dose Calibrator At AKUH, Karachi: A Clinical Audit: “Safety is Quality”

Khalil Khan, Gufran Khan, Sadaf Saleem, Norin Hameed, Mansoor Naqvi, Maseeh uz Zaman


Objective: Administration of precise dose of radiopharmaceutical to patients not only ensures permissible radiation dose to patient but also mandatory for optimization of the scan. For these important quality targets, precise and accurate functioning of dose calibrator in nuclear medicine pharmacy is mandatory. Aim of this clinical audit was to perform constancy and accuracy of DC to ensure safe radiation practice.

Methods and Results: This clinical audit was conducted at Nuclear Medicine Section, Department of Radiology, AKUH, Karachi from April 2, 2012 till June 15, 2012. We used Cobalt-57 and Cesium-137 sources as reference sources to check accuracy and constancy of dose calibrator on monthly and daily basis as per vendor’s specifications. Benchmark of ±10 of measured activity with reference to actual activity was used for both constancy and accuracy tests. All the values were within required limits.

Conclusion: This clinical audit of constancy and accuracy of dose calibrator at Nuclear Medicine Section of Department of Radiology AKUH ensures precise and safe delivery of doses of radiopharmaceutical to patients having nuclear medicine procedures at our facility. This audit also proves good medical practice by AKUH in accordance with Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Joint Commission for International Accreditation (JCIA).

 Key Words: Dose Calibrator; Constancy; Accuracy; Cobalt-57; Cesium-137

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