Multifocal haemangiomatosis including a giant hepatic haemangioma with capsular retraction and Kasabach Meritt’s Syndrome

Nosheen Fatima, Asad Jalil, Hyder Ali Shah, Jaideep Darira, Imtiazul Haque Khurshaidi, Ali Jawaid, Aitadal Moin Shaikh


Haemangiomas are the most common benign lesions of liver with female gender preponderance. These are usually silent and become symptomatic when larger in size (>4 cm – giant haemangioma). Multifocality and capsular retraction on computerized tomography are rare features. We are presenting a case of multifocal haemangiomatosis with a giant hepatic lesion showing capsular retraction on CT images.

Key Words: Giant haemangioma; multifocal haemangiomas; capsular retraction; Kasabach Merritt’s syndrome

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