Scar Eendometriosis Mimicking Carcinoma - MRI Findings : A Case Report

Haseeb Rehman, Jaideep Darira, Kashif Shazlee, Rahila Usman, Sheeza Imtiaz, Muhammed Saad Ahmed


Endometriosis is occurrence of ectopic endometrial tissue outside uterus. It has an incidence of  0.03-0.4%. We presented a case of 35 year old women with history of lower abdominal pain associated with dysuria for last 1year. On further inquiring the patient interrelated the severity of  pain with her menstruation prior to hysterectomy. In this study scar endometrioma involved the urinary bladder mimicking neoplastic lesion/ desmoid tumor with its variable imaging findings and diagnosis on histopathology. Proper clinical history and the association of pain with menstruation really assist in reaching the diagnosis.

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