Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Asymptomatic Patient

Rahila Usman, Kamran Hamid, Jaideep Draira, Saifullah Askani



Aspergillous pulmonary infection shows variable pattern of involvement. The two main complications of pulmonary aspergillosis are angioinvasion resulting in hemorrhagic infarcts and airway invasion resulting in bronchiolitis and bronchopneumonia. A 24 years old asymptomatic young male, came for chest X-ray for medical fitness which revealed a large right hilar mass. CBC and ESR were normal. CT scan chest with contrast demonstrated a tubular branching solid lesion in right perihilar region, causing dilatation of bronchi giving glove finger appearance with hemorrhagic component. Bronchoscopy showed thick mucoid secretions in right upper lobe. Fungal culture showed growth of Aspergillous flavum.


Key words:

Asymptomatic, invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

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