Radiation Protection Practice on Paediatric Chest Radiographs using Beam collimation as a Criterion

Flavious Bobuin Nkubli, Alhamdu Silas Moi, Abubakar Goni Bashir, Chigozie Ivor Nwobi, Christian Chukuemeka Nzotta


Objective: To assess the adequacy of x-ray beam collimation as a parameter for radiation protection in paediatric plain chest radiographs.

Method: A total of 200 paediatric chest radiographs (≤ 18 years) were retrospectively assessed for good collimation practice as a means of radiation protection. Parameters assessed on the technique of collimation were the presence of silver lining as an evidence of x-ray beam collimation according to the European guideline on quality criteria for diagnostic radiographic images.

Result:  Of the 200 radiographs assessed for adequacy of x-ray beam collimation, 79.0% (n=158) showed evidence of adequate beam collimation while, 21.0% (n=42) were inadequately collimated. The results of the study showed adequate beam collimation practice in the Radiology department of the centre studied.

Conclusion: The adequacy of x-ray beam collimation as parameter for radiation protection in paediatric plain chest radiographs was assessed. Majority of the paediatric plain chest radiographs were adequately collimated while some few radiographs reveal inadequacy of beam collimation.

Key words: Radiation protection, paediatric chest radiograph, beam collimation, beam restriction, ALARA.

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