Editorial: Importance of General Medical Journal

Maseeh uz Zaman, Nosheen Fatima


Over the last few decades there has been a tremendous development in the management of various diseases like cardiovascular and many cancers with a significantly better outcome and over-all survival. These favorable outcomes, which are primarily due to humongous research, are not only limited to developed world but also in the developing countries although at a relatively lower magnitude. The fundamental source for this global dissemination is the published medical journals. Among the medical journals, general medical journals do have a broader readership as compared to journals pertinent to a specific modality. Physician community of the under-developed or developing countries, which unfortunately have higher burden of diseases, do have limited access to few medical journals. Therefore a general medical journal must include material that is robust enough scientifically with an understandable language to help and attract practicing healthcare professionals to practice medicine in a better way.

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