Dismal Awareness About Radiation Hazards Among Healthcare Radiation Workers: Point to Ponder?

Nosheen Fatima, Maseeh uz Zaman, Amir Ali, Asad Jalil, Aitadal Moin, Qurratulain ., Mishkat Ali Jafri


Objectives: To find out core knowledge of healthcare radiation workers like physicians and technical staff including technologists, physicists and nurses and to measure knowledge-gained after attending a one day targeted symposium

Material and Methods: Fifty-five participants (21 physicians, 25 technologists, 5 physicists and 4 nurses) attended a one day symposium on ionizing radiation and its hazards for healthcare workers at a tertiary care hospital. The participants were registered from 18 different healthcare facilities having radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology services. Participants were solicited to fill a questionnaire comprised of 15 questions focused upon basic of ionizing radiation, their interaction, biological effects and radiation protection methods before and after the completion of session.

Results: Mean scores of all participants in pre-session assessment was 45.472% which improved to 60.472% after attending session with a mean difference of 14.527% (p <0.0001). Physicians scored significantly better (pre: 54.238%, post: 67.333%) than technical staff (pre: 39.471%, post: 55.088%). Importantly the knowledge-gained after attending session was greater in staff (15.617%) than physicians (13.095%) but not statistically significant (p 0.1183).

Conclusion: The level of knowledge about ionizing radiation hazards and radiation protection was not satisfactory in healthcare radiation workers. Physicians had significantly better pre and post session scores than technical staff but knowledge-gained after attending session was not significantly different. Lack of knowledge among radiation workers is a global issue and this is the time to revamp their training programs with a meaningful strategy and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) must take the lead.

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