Unilateral Pulmonary Agenesis: A very rare congenital entity. Case Report of two cases and review of literature

Umaima Majeed, Abdul Sattar, Sadia Anjum, Zahida Zaffar, Musserat Javed


We report two cases of unilateral pulmonary agenesis. Both patients, 4 months old male child (case 1) and 18 months old female child (case 2), presented with shortness of breath with recurrent respiratory infections in later. Chest examination revealed impaired percussion note with absent breath sounds on affected side. CT chest with coronal reformation revealed unilateral absence of lung parenchyma with ipsilateral absent bronchus in case 1 and rudimentary in case 2. Survey of associated congenital abnormalities revealed horseshoe kidney in one patient (case1). We report these cases with special emphasis on MDCT with 3D reformation.

 Key Words: Pulmonary agenesis, MDCT, Associated anomalies

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