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Acute neurological diseases requiring hospitalization are rare in young women. Many are unique to pregnancy and the postpartum period, contribute to approximately 20% of maternal deaths which is significant. These encompass Eclamptic Encephalopathy, Postpartum Cerebral Angiopathy, Ischemic Stroke, Cerebral venous thrombosis and Pituitary Disorders. They may be due to physiological changes of pregnancy or puerperal risk factors like infection and instrumental delivery or Caesarean section. Often symptoms are overlapping so it is very important to consider these neurological disorders in differential diagnosis with prompt identification of patient at risk and seeking urgent radiological referral and accurate diagnosis to reduce maternal morbidity. MRI is safe in pregnancy and is the investigation of choice for most of these diseases. We studied MRI brain of peripartum women referred to our department with the symptoms of acute neurological diseases.          

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